Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend purse haul.

I realized that lately I have reverted back to wearing bags I purchased years ago. After this realization I decided it's time to get some new bags! So these are my purchases for the weekend. I wanted classic bags I could wear often and versatile enough to go with different outfits. So I headed to Winner's and found some bags that were great deals (I am on a student budget) but absolutly perfect! I am in love with them all!

First bag is a brown crushed leather bag. I was sold when I saw it had three different compartments, very practical and versitile. Oh yah I also got the top I'm wearing in the pic. I love the pattern and color combination.

Everyone needs a black clutch, which I didnt have yet. This is a snakeskin looking material with a removable strap. The best part is the camera and cell phone compartments!

Last bag is a black leather hobo. I like it because it's simple and just what I needed. I only wear gold accessories so the gold hardware is perfect.


  1. You gotta love Winners!!! Its an addiction for all Canadian girls :) xx Nadia

  2. i want that black clutch. pretty!

  3. Cute purses! I am a bag whore myself! LOL

  4. cute purses, I need a simple black bag :)

  5. Ooooh. iLove that brown bag :] Bags & purses is a MUST! Lols :p