Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Blog

I have been an avid follower of other blogs and finally decided to create my own. I have a passion for anything beauty related, makeup, fashion, art and literature. I am here to share my personal views, opinions, and experiences so i hope you enjoy!

Ok so lets get right into it. There are a few products recently that i have been dying to talk about. First is my new favorite product of probably the year which is mac's natural refined MSF in deep dark. I am right now an NC 44, and this stuff makes my skin glow. Its absolutly the perfect finish and it gives such a flawless glowy look. If you have not tried it go out and get it! it makes the perfect bronzer which is what I use mine for and then lightly dust a little all over my face for a gorgeous dewy bronze glow.

I am also in love with a lush product that I havent heard to many people talk about which is the strawberry scented massage bar. It smells absolutly yummy, like strawberry icecream and it glides on to your skin like butter. I use it on days I want my skin feeling extra soft and smelling delicious ;) I think its only being sold for a limited time so I would def run out and purchase this stuff pronto!


  1. I so want to order the MSF powder in deep dark as well for an overall finish.

    I'll try the lush product out soon.


  2. This msf would probably look gorgeous on you! and yah definatly try out the massage bar its the perfect moisturizer.

  3. Oohh i love that massage bar, it's one of my faves. Have you tried heavanilli? Thats gorgeous too x

  4. I haven't tried the strawberry one but I love the Lush massage fave is the chocolate one. So yummy!
    These are perfect on your legs in the summer for that glow, I then add the Urban Decay golden shimmer dust on top. Try that combo on your legs! :)

  5. I thought the massage bars were limited until end of valentines day so i bought like 6! Ive heard they may become permanent as so many people like them!!

  6. Oh, I don't know why I keep neglecting to pick up the Strawberry massage bar when I goto LUSH. I must put that on my list to get. :) I'm loving the each peach one :)

    I'm following your blogger!

  7. I agree, I am doing a video about the strawberry bar from Lush!! I absolutely love it! I didn't know it was limited edition though... hmmm gives me more of a reason to buy more ;)

    PS. Cute blog! I'm following! :)