Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Missed this!

Its been so long since i've blogged. I thought I was done blogging but I've decided I'm going to keep it going even if i leave for long periods of time I think I will always be back. Anyways what have I been up to. Just working and enjoying the summer.I'm sooo freakin dark its rediculous. I also have BIG NEWS!!! I'm taking a year off and will be going to the States to be an au pair! if you dont know what that is I'll pretty much be a nanny! I'll also be taking school courses while I'm there as well. I'm sooooo unbelievably excited!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to California, otherwise somewhere warm for sure! Anyways I guess thats it ladies! Thank you for stopping by. Here are some pics from the beach the other day! Oh yah I also got a tattoo its my first! Its on my inner ankle and it says strength in Cambodian. Oh yah and my friend got cherry blossoms on her food. They are soooo pretty! I'm already planning my next one. They are so addictive!!!


  1. Hey girl~
    don't worry, I haven't posted on my blog for a while too. You look gorgeous in the photos and I like your tan. =) I actually always wanted a tattoo on my inner ankle too if I ever get one. Cute tattoo. =)

  2. are u cambodian? i didnt even know that, i was surprise i was able to read the tatoo haha even though it was in capital cambodian letters (which i usually have a harder time reading)

  3. Yes i am cambodian. well im glad you were able to read it i would hate to have somthing that people werent able to read. :)

  4. I adore your hair (:
    Could you do a post on what products you use, please?
    x x x

  5. aw thanks hun! I will definatly do a post on hair products. thanks for checking out my blog! :)